• What is included in the price?

                 Included in the fee we charge for a thrift bundle is the cost of the items, washing/drying/sanitizing all items, shipping, any alterations we do to the items, and outfit inspiration polaroids. In addition, we do pay a commission to our stylists for the hours they spend digging and looking for the perfect items to include in your bundle.


  • Are the clothes dirty?

                No! We wash and dry/dry clean all clothing and sanitize all accessories before sending them to you.


  • Are the clothes damaged or stained?

                No! We quality check all items before sending them out. However, sometimes there might be a small imperfection on a piece (that's the nature of second-hand clothing!). If we do miss a noticeable stain or rip (we are all human), please email to let us know and we will provide a discount for your next order.


  • What sizes do you carry?

                We carry sizes XS - 3XL! 


  • What is a "capsule wardrobe"?

           A capsule wardrobe is defined as "a small collection of garments designed to be worn together that are harmonized in color and style". The idea of the capsule wardrobe is to reduce your closet to pieces you love and wear often in order to have a more minimalistic, eco-friendly wardrobe. Having less options makes getting dressed SO much easier, and pushes you to get creative with styling outfits. With the modern trend cycle moving so fast, a capsule wardrobe helps you focus on long-lasting, quality pieces and avoid buying into trends that you're sick of in two months. 


  • What are Signature Styles?

           We created Signature Styles to represent our take on some of your favorite modern-day fashion aesthetics. These styles were created to ease the communication between customer and stylist, and give a more clear picture of what kind of pieces you will receive based on your chosen Signature Style. 


  • Do I have to choose a Signature Style for my bundle?

           Yes. We created these styles to ease the bundle process for both stylist and customer, and create a more clear expectation of the types of pieces you will receive. However - if you choose the Capsule Wardrobe Bundle, we have more flexibility in curating your bundle and you have the option to upload additional inspiration images to your Bundle Quiz. Please note that we will be adding more Signature Styles as we go, so be on the lookout!


  • What if I want a mix of two Signature Styles for my bundle?

           For the Single Outfit Bundle and Three Outfit Bundle, you must select only ONE Signature Style. For the Capsule Wardrobe Bundle, you have the option to select two Signature Styles (although we recommend just choosing one for cohesion), and you can upload additional style inspiration images to the Bundle Quiz.


  • How long will it take to get my bundle?

          Our current processing time is 2-3 weeks, but you may receive your bundle much sooner. It all depends on how many orders we are receiving and when we get to yours! 


  • Do you ship internationally?

                Yes! We ship internationally, however the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping, as well as any duties/customs required by their country. 


  • What if an item/items don't fit?

             To guarantee fit, we recommend taking your measurements and submitting them on the Bundle Quiz. We cannot guarantee fit without measurements, and will not accept returns or exchanges. It is very important when measuring to be accurate so we can find pieces that fit! If you did submit measurements and a piece doesn't fit, we ask that you first re-measure and measure the piece. If the two don't add up, please reach out to us at


  • Can I return any items I don't like?

           Unfortunately there are no returns or exchanges on thrift bundles since they are custom orders. I work very hard to ensure everyone loves their personalized bundle! You can read the full return policy here.


  • What are the benefits of shopping second-hand?

                There are truly so many benefits of shopping second-hand, but the main benefit is extending the life of a product. Fast fashion, which is defined as inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends, has completely taken over the fashion industry. Fast fashion has devastating social, economic, and environmental effects. An entire garbage truck of clothing is burned or landfilled EVERY SECOND. Employees in fast fashion factories are subject to terrible pay and unsafe working conditions. Thrifting is one way we can be accountable and stop participating in fast fashion.